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Well, I'm officially done with classes for my junior year of college. It's rather frightening. Especially considering that I have only one more semester and then I'll be done (yay for graduating early). Ever since I switched majors, its gone by so quickly. I've had amazing professors that I adore, have met some amazing people and have had awesome friendships with them and met a boy whose extremely important in my life. If I hadn't switched majors to history, I would probably still be hating college.

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Rumble Hound

Music I Need

Just a storage dump for music that I need. :)

  • Collapse Into Now by R.E.M. (Will put on hold at 106)
  • The Phil Spector Collection *
  • Time Flies: 1994-2009 by Oasis*
  • <s>Be Here Now by Oasis</s>
  • Sweet Oblivion by Screaming Trees*
  • Bon Jovi's Greatest Hits* by Jon Bon Jovi*
  • Appetite For Destruction by Guns N Roses
  •  A Rush Of Blood To The Head by Coldplay*
  • The Very Best of the Grateful Dead by The Grateful Dead
  • The Doors by The Doors
  • Strange Days by The Doors
  • Waiting for The Sun by The Doors
  • <s>The Soft Parade by The Doors</s>
  • Bat Out Of Hell by Meat Loaf*
  • Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell by Meat Loaf*
  • The Ultimate Collection by Martha And The Vandellas
  • <s>Glee: The Music Volume 5 by Glee Cast</s>
  • Shallow On The Draft by The Steelwells
*Will buy off iTunes because I've already purchased songs off that particular album/it's cheaper
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Rumble Hound

Wants List

Houndour Pokedoll
Poochyena UFO
1/1 Eevee

Semi-Major Wants
Houndour Atsumete! Happy Mascot
Houndour Kid
Houndour/Houndoom Zukan
Houndour Battle Museum Figure
Cyndaquil Pokedoll
Buizel Pokedoll

Low Wants
Houndour TOMY
Rumble Hound

So, I should probably start using this. x)

So, I should probably start using this little journal. xD I've been a member for what...nearly a month and haven't posted anything? x) *fails*

I won't be posting anything personal, basically just using this for pkmncollectors and to keep tract of my wants list and stuff I have coming in the mail. :3 Yes, this shall be a very lame and boring journal.